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Below you'll see several cute and hysterical home video clips!!!

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Note: Each clip may take 30-60 seconds to load depending on their length, but they're worth the wait!!!

Training Your Mastiff Puppy for the Show Ring

Stella winning a Puppy Group 2 at her 1st Puppy Match!!!

Click here to see Janie, Lucie & Stella Videos as Puppies Up to Now!!!

June 2011

Wyatt getting his chin scratched by Koda's mommy

Wyatt Getting Petted

Wyatt plays ball with our gandson and his grand kids!!!

April 2011

Daisy Snoring!!!

Welcome Home!!! My nightly howing good greeting!!!

January - March 2011


Wyatt is afraid of Patch the 4lb Cat - he won't get his ball!!!

Wyatt can't get his ball from under the chair, and is being a BIG baby at 7 years of age!!!

Wyatt shows off his HANDSOME head and plows a path to the firewood

Wyatt chews on his ball and doesn't want to chase his ball anymore

Wyatt plays with his ball in the snow


Lucie won't go through the doorway, again!!!

Josey Wales

Josey Wales and his cousin Cali chilling after a show, and Josey Wales demanding more lovin'

Josey Wales getting lovin' from a stranger at a dog show

Josey Wales gettin' lovin' decides to look for more people to greet


Janie wagging her tail while 1/2 asleep!!!

Janie, Stella and Lucie Perk for their pills

Adeleine, aka Addy

3 - 5 Months of Age


Addy barking at her daddy Wyatt

Addy not so sure of her HUGE daddy Wyatt

Addy Looking BEAUTIFUL waiting to great residents

Addy kisses her mommy and a resident

Addy Kisses ker mommy at therapy, again!!!

Addy at Therapy gets resident lovin'

Addy at Therapy poses for pictures and gives kisses

Addy at Therapy sits on couch to get lovin' from a resident

Addy wants to play with the Sheltie at Therapy

Addy sits with her mommy at Therapy - too cute!!!

Addy Zonked at the end of therapy

Adeleine, aka Addy

3 - 5 Months of Age

Handling Class

Addy Trots nice at handling class!!!

Addy playing with the puppy!!!

December 2010


Lucie Santa Redux 2010

Lucie & Stella check-out Santa

What a difference 4 years make!!!

Lucie & Santa in December 2006

Lucie's a-scared of Santa!!!

Lucie just doesn't trust that Santa Claus - "He MUST be trying to steal my treats!!!"

Addy's 1st Therapy Visit!!!

Addy meets her daddy Wyatt for the 1st time

Addy checking the place out and greeting people on her ist therapy visit

Addy barks at her daddy and gets lovin'

Addy happy to greet people

Addy's 1st elevator ride!!!

Addy giving kisses and getting lovin'

Addy's 1st Handling Class!!!

Addy's 1st movement exercise!!!

Addy gets distracted

Addy's 1st Down and Back. She much prefers giving kisses!!!

Addy wants to play with her big brudder Buc, but isn't so sure about is size!!!

Wyatt Therapy Visits

Wyatt getting petted by a resident that can barely walk, but always stops to pet Wyatt

Wyatt getting petted

Wyatt getting petted and sweet talked

Wyatt getting petted and kabitzing

November 2010

Addy goes to her new forever home!!!

Addy kisses her new mommy for the 1st time

Spolied Rotten already!!!

Maverick Playing With Stella

October 2010

Abbey Snoring On Her Daddy- too cute!!!

Wyatt & Nala son Zeus Wants Breakfast Too!!!

September 2010

Kona and Lucie Want Sid the Cat

Grandma Daisy being feisty for an ear scratch at 10 & 3/4 years of age!!!

Lucie suns herself and wants a belly rub

Annie sits on daddy's foot and wants daddy-lovin'

Wyatt getting petted

Wyatt getting petted for more than 2 minutes. He got petted another minute past when the video stopped

Wyatt giving kisses

Wyatt giving his favorite resident kisses

Wyatt's therapy pal Tasha catching a biscuit off of her nose!!!

Wyatt doesn't catch biscuits:(:(

Josey Wales Winning Reserve at 7 Months of Age!!!

Josey Wales Trotting Like A Champ!!!

Josey Wales performing a down and back

Bentley being a silly boy then wants to play with his cousin Josey Wales

Cali trotting around the show ring

Cali trotting down and back in the show ring

Josey Wales' 1st Show: being onery for his 1st movement exercise!!!

Josey Wales and his full brother Molson's 1st show and go-around

Josey Wales Happy at his 1st show

Josey Wales' full brother Molson's 1st Down and Back

August 2009

Daisy keeping an eye on the neighborhood at 9 & 3/4 years of age

Daisy sucks on her towel

April 2009

Janie gives our 7 month old grandson some Janie luvin'!!!

Daisy wants more goldfish!!!

December 2008/January 2009

Kona plays with his rope tug - "It's mine, and I'm taking it home!!!"

Patch the cat hides under Wyatt's chin!!!

Wyatt plays ball and runs into a tree branch!!!

Wyatt plays ball and Annie plays fetch

Annie plays fetch, and Abbey and Wyatt play with their balls

Annie plays more fetch, and Abeey tries to steal her ball

Daisy plays ball

Daisy sucks on her towel in the snow

November 2008

Wyatt and Annie Waggy Tails

Wyatt very happy with himself playing keep away from daddy

Wyatt runs into house to get his ball!!!

Kona Lovin' mommy, Lucie gets jealous, Janie checks things out, then Kona starts to get froggy

Kona loves his daddy, and shows-off his handsome head

Look at that head on Kona!!!

Kona loves his sweet talkin' - look at his tail go!!!

Daisy Belly Rub Rituals - She ALWAYS begs for more!!! Check Wyatt out wagging his tail as I sweet-talk Daisy - he's such a happy boy!!!

Daisy SO proud of herself as she wins at keep away, and still going strong at 9 Years Old!!!

Abbey, Annie and Daisy NOT fooled by Daddy!!!

Abbey laying on her back, scratching her back in the dirt, and playing with her ball at the same time!!!


2 Videos taken - 11/1/08

Wyatt won't let me take his ball!!!

Daisy the Crazy Girl with her ball - still going strong at 1 month shy of 9 years old!!!

2 Videos taken - 6/8/08

Big Daddy Wy Wy wants his ball, but he's afraid of Daisy!!! Annie also does the "Annie Flop":):)

Daisy the big girl with her ball - still going strong at 8 & 1/2 years old!!!

Wyatt snoring loudly - AGAIN!!!

Wyatt the Wussy Boy - Daisy has her ball, but Wyatt's afraid to take it. He outweighs her by 100 pounds, and she's 8 years old, but she's the boss!!!

Patch the 4 lb cat climbs on Wyatt the 250lb mastiff - too cute!!!

Wyatt taking time to smell the flowers!!!

Patch the Cat in the Box - Daisy's disgusted with her!!!

Daisy chewing and kneading on her ball - she does this until she falles asleep!!!

Wyatt Snoring - this is the loudest one yet!!!

Turn up your volume for this one!!!

(Video taken 12/06)

Frosty Morning - Wyatt doesn't care that it's ZERO DEGREES outside, he wants to play ball!!!!

Check-out Wyatt's Frosty Breath!!!

(Video taken 12/06)

Wyatt Snoring - he sounds like a freight train!!!

Turn up your volume for this one!!!

(Video taken 10/06)

Wyatt Playing Keep-away with His Ball - It's MY Ball!!!

Turn up your volume to get the full affect!!!

(Video taken 11/06)

Sweet-talking Wy Wy - he loves his sweet-talking - look at that tail wag!!!

Turn up your volume to get the full affect!!!

Abbey playing with her ball - she's a psycho when it comes to her ball!!!

(Video taken 6/07)

Abbey & Annie with those hose - they LOVE it!!!

(Video taken 6/07)

Wyatt Prancing

Wyatt Strutting his stuff on 1/20/06.

He really is an exceptional mover!!!

Wyatt Prancing Some More

Wyatt Strutting his stuff some more on


Wyatt Running in the Snow

This is a good clip that show's how athletic Wyatt is - he really is an AWESOME sight!!!

(Video taken 1-22-05)

Wyatt's Ball in Under the Truck!!!

Poor Wy Wy, He can't get his ball:(:( (1/20/06)

Abbey Playing Ball!!!

Make sure you check out Abbey's incredible expression and athleticism!!! (1/20/06)

Abbey Playing Ball Some More!!!

She's a Wild Woman!!! (1/20/06)

Annie & Wyatt Playing Rope Tug

Watch Wyatt drag Abbey across the floor!!! Poor Annie, she wants to play to, but she's a-acared:( (Video taken 11-28-04)

Daisy Supervising Abbey and Annie Playing

Daisy supervising the girls playing - Annie is 4 months old, and Abbey is 4&1/2 months old in the video (Video taken 11-28-04)

Daisy Telling Girls who's the boss!!

The fawn girls are a little a-scared!!! (Video taken 11-28-04)

Abbey with Tess the horse!!

Watch Abbey play kissy-face with Tess!!! (Video taken 12-3-04)

Abbey & Annie Tess the horse!!

Watch Annie tell Tess the horse that she should come play with her!!! (Video taken 12-4-04)

Abbey & Annie with Whiskers the cat!!

Abbey & Annie are a-scared of Whiskers the cat!!!

Abbey & Madison our Grand Daughter

Abbey loves Madison, but bowls her over. But Madison still loves Abbey!!! (Video taken 12-21-04)

Daisy & Wyatt Playing Kissy Face

Watch Wyatt try to catch Daisy's tongue!!! (Video taken 12-21-04)

Abbey giving Wyatt all he can handle!!!

Abbey beating Wyatt up as usual - poor Annie wants to play too, but she's a-scared!!! (Video taken 12-21-04)

Wyatt Playing Ball

He'd play all day if we'd let him!!! (Video taken 12-18-04)

Abbey & Daisy Snoring!!!

Nap time - They sound like a bunch of drunken sailors!!!

Turn up your volume for this 1!!!

Abbey & Annie Running in the Snow!!!

There's between a 1/2 foot and 1 foot of snow on the ground!!!!

More of Abbey & Annie Running in the Snow!!!

They're maniacs!!!

More of Abbey & Annie Running in the Snow!!!

Annie gets a little stuck in a snow drift!!!

Annie Kissing Madison!!!

This is TOO Cute!!!

Sweet Talking Annie

Annie loves her sweet talking!!!

Sweet Talking Wyatt

Wyatt likes his sweet talking too!!!

Patch the cat tumbles with Annie the Ferret

Watch this HYSTERICAL video - They're best buds!!!

Click here to see Wyatt & Abbey Puppy Videos!!!

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